Fun and Random Recommendations

As a writer, I have to be able to write about a bunch of different stuff, therefore I must experience whatever life has to offer! SO... here are my recommendations for things!


- The Hunger Games: a classic. Read the trilogy. Literally this is my childhood book 

- Before The Coffee Gets Cold

- Like A Love Story 

- The Taming Of The Shrew: this is a play but pls read Shakespeare his language is beautiful 

- A Mercy

- My Name Is Lucy Barton

- Just read anything by Edgar Allan Poe

- The Arcana Chronicles 


- The Babadook (stop I like it)

- Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

- Lady Bird

- The Florida Project

- Hush

- Literally any bad Netflix horror movie is just fun to watch 


- Bojack Horseman: one of the best representations of mental illness 

- Don't F*** With Cats

- The Midnight Gospel


- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

- Freaks and Geeks